The Good Shepherd

One of things I like to do on a regular basis is to read specific posts or listen to sermons based on God’s character. What that really does-atleast for me is to strengthen my own faith and also understand who I am putting my trust in.

Living in a sinful world can sometimes or rather most of the times get very discouraging. But as soon as you stop focusing on the world or your current situation and shift it onto Christ, you are learning to think in a way that is biblical and true.

Would like to share a sermon I listened to this morning on Jesus being The Good Shepherd. I hope you are encouraged and satisfied to know that we are cared and looked after by a loving God 🙂


A Young Girl’s Desire

Yesterday I crossed another item from my wish list- to go to a dance ball:) I know for some of you it might seem pretty silly as an item to have on the list, but it wasn’t for me. Growing up in a culture where ballroom dances did not exist as much, I was not sure if I would ever get to go.

But life as you know it can surprise you in many ways. Last night my sister and I went for a Christmas ball and we had a great time. I always wanted to dress up all nice and have a decent partner. A good friend Ian invited me and my sister for the annual Christmas dance ball and we had an absolute blast. He and his brother (Ryan) were really patient with us newbies and were sweet enough to teach us some dance moves:)

Ryan trying to teach me to jive 😂 P.C. Naiesha Kaunds

I thank the Lord for bringing different people in our lives so that we can make some unique memories while having some fun😬


Repost:A Single Word to Sum Up Christmas

An Eternally Significant Word

If you had to summarize the Christmas story with one word, what word would you choose? Now, your word would have to capture what this story points to as the core of human need and the way God would meet that need. Do you have a word in mind? Maybe you’re thinking that it’s just not possible to summarize the greatest story ever with one word. But I think you can. Let’s consider one lovely, amazing, history-changing, and eternally significant word.

It doesn’t take paragraph after paragraph, written on page after page, filling volume after volume to communicate how God chose to respond to the outrageous rebellion of Adam and Eve and the subtle and not-so-subtle rebellion of everyone since. God’s response to the sin of people against his rightful and holy rule can be captured in a single word. I wonder if you thought, “I know the word: grace.”

But the single word that captures God’s response to sin even better than the word grace is not a theological word; it is a name. That name is Jesus. God’s response wasn’t a thing. It wasn’t the establishment of an institution. It wasn’t a process of intervention. It wasn’t some new divine program. In his infinite wisdom God knew that the only thing that could rescue us from ourselves and repair the horrendous damage that sin had done to the world was not a thing at all. It was a person, his Son, the Lord Jesus.

God’s Greatest Gift to Us

God’s response to our rebellion was to give us himself. He is the great, redeeming, transforming gift. He is the rescue. He is the forgiveness. He is the restoration. He is life, hope, peace, and security. There is no salvation apart from him. There is no deliverance from the presence and power of sin apart from him. There is no restored relationship with God apart from him. There is no new heaven and new earth apart from him. There is no end to sickness and suffering apart from him. There is no defeat of death apart from him. There simply is no such thing as redeeming grace and all that it means apart from the willingness of God to give us himself in the person of the Messiah, Jesus.

Jesus is the grace of God, given to sinners who cannot free themselves from the death grip of sin. Look into that manger at that baby boy and see grace. The Christmas story is about grace in its most shocking and surprising form. The Lord of lords, one of incalculable glory, humbles himself and takes on human flesh and blood. The Creator, in a way that boggles the mind, becomes the created. The One who made a perfect world now exposes himself to a world stained with imperfections. The judge of all things places himself under judgment. The One who deserves worship becomes the Lamb of sacrifice. The One who deserves everyone’s love subjects himself to being despised and rejected. The One who owns all things lives with no place to call home and no place to rest his weary head.

The Climax of Redemptive History

Here in one single word, the name Jesus, is the shocking turn in the redemptive story. In sovereignty and with power, God would respond to the sorry condition of his world. With holy authority, he would deal with the image bearers who had turned their backs on him. Yet he would deal with the ravages of sin not with the tools of judgment, but with a single tool of grace, Jesus. You simply cannot use the word grace without connecting that word to Jesus. Yes, it needs to be said again and again and again. Jesus is the grace of God to sinners. Without his life, death, and resurrection, grace would be a sentiment devoid of any helpfulness. Without the gift of Jesus, grace would be a promise with no power. Without the presence, life, and work of that baby in the manger, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for sinners. There is no happy ending for rebels. There is no home waiting for the lost. There is only darkness, defeat, judgment, and death.

This season, in the midst of all the celebrations and gift-giving, be careful to remember that at the center of what we celebrate is one game-changing, life-altering, hope-giving reality: grace is a person, and his name is Jesus. God knew that nothing else would ever repair what sin had broken, so he gave us the ultimate gift of gifts, the gift of his Son. It’s not enough to say that Jesus came to preach grace to us. It is not enough to say that he came to give grace to us. No, Jesus is God’s redeeming grace, given to those who without him would have no hope in life or in death. Now that’s worth celebrating, not just on one special day but on every day of your life, and for the rest of eternity too!

This article is adapted from Come, Let Us Adore Him: A Daily Advent Devotional by Paul David Tripp.


Holidays are here…

This time around I was reeeeeeally waiting for my days off from work. Past three months have been so busy that I have not had the time to enjoy the simple things in life.

I went out today with my family for breakfast to our favourite restaurant. Sadly we were going there after a few years😐. I realised that I need to take time out to do these things- basically to be mindful and not just live life one day after another.

Hoping that even as 2019 is drawing closer I would slow down and enjoy life and the people around me 🙂


When You Hit The Wall

action, adult, athlete

I have been working out for 14 years now and one of my biggest struggles in being fit is that you keep hitting the plateau stage ever so often. I wanted to mix it up a little this week so I decided to do a Total Body Cardio workout. I am glad that I had mentally prepared myself to finish the entire session,but boy did I get my butt whooped in this one;)

If you would like to try it out, here is the link: Bob Harper Total Body Transformation Workout

Happy weekend!

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