When We See Your Face

We are doing the book of Revelation in our Bible Study  which is a part of the Dust to Glory series by RC Sproul. I have always been afraid to study this book, but even as we were watching the video and RC Sproul was explaining the text, the main focus will always be the same –  Jesus Christ. Its amazing how studying through this book gets you so excited to want to see Jesus soon!! I can’t wait till we are all in heaven, singing out to Him and giving the praise He deserves!

Was listening to some worship songs this afternoon and this one describes it best 🙂

(Link to the video in the title of the song)

 When We See Your Face

Though the dark is overwhelming
And the brightest lights grow dim
Though the Word of God
Is trampled on by foolish men
Though the wicked never stumble
And abound in every place
We will all be humbled when we see Your face

And the demons we’ve been fighting
Those without and those within
Will be underneath our feet
To never rise again
All our sins will be behind us
Through the blood of Christ erased
And we’ll taste Your kindness when we see Your face

We will see, we will know
Like we’ve never known before
We’ll be found, we’ll be home
We’ll be Yours forevermore

All the waiting will be over
Every sorrow will be healed
All the dreams it seemed
Could never be will all be real
And You’ll gather us together
In Your arms of endless grace
As Your Bride forever when we see Your face

And You’ll gather us together
In your arms of endless grace
As Your Bride forever when we see Your face

Music and Words by Bob Kauflin and Jordan Kauflin © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)



Moments of Solitude

Big Tree Photo

It’s difficult from me to slow down. I like having busy days. I know it’s not a good thing,  but yeah it definitely is a better preference than the slower ones. Past couple of days I have had some ‘alone time’ which was actually a good thing for me. The kind of person that I am, I love being around people- that’s where I usually get my energy from. In my younger days ( and yes I can say younger, as I am in my mid thirties, waaaah!!!) I don’t remember having any of my weekends free. I ALWAYS had to have plans!

God very lovingly removed all the extra distractions, work got busy so weekends were more of resting days and spending time with family and of course the regular recurrence of the flu- that definitely makes you stop and smell the roses, unless you have a stuffy nose from the flu 😛

Anyhoo, even as the weekend is here I am glad that after I publish this post I can go ahead and take a quick afternoon nap:) Enjoy your weekend!


How was my week you may ask…

My colleague asked me today, “So what plans for the weekend?” I said, ” I plan to stay indoors, sleep, cook and stay indoors”. Yeah I did mention “stay indoors” twice 😛  The week was a roller-coaster as I ended up with a stomach bug on Monday ( from something I ate out on the weekend) – which kinda set the tone for the week- in a wrong way I might say. After 3 days of eating only carbs and with that I mean rice, curds and mashed potatoes- on repeat, I was kinda done for the week.

Congratulations on making itthru another crazy week!

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Even as my sister and I prayed every night together, we thanked the Lord for a whole lot of new things like- variety of food, and the ability to wake up feeling strong and ready to brace the new day.

Anyways, all in all it was an educative couple of days and I am  grateful unto the Lord that even as I have my apple while writing this post, I am not running to the loo after 😉



Los Angeles Baby!

Five years ago when a friend of mine asked me to visit her in Mumbai (a city close to Pune) which is only  3 hours in a train, I used to get super stressed with just the thought of travelling on my own. It’s hilarious how the same thing that gripped you with fear at one point of time in your life, does not have a hold on you anymore.

I just came back from a very refreshing vacation from the US last month. It definitely was a much needed break and a time to unwind and think through the events going on in my life. It was my first trip to the US, so I was obviously excited! Fortunately I was travelling with my sister so I was not bored to death for the 30 hours of travel one way including the drive to Mumbai.

The trip was special not because I was going to the US, but more so the fact that I was going to meet some of my friends and family in Christ  that I had not met for over 9 years. We managed to keep in touch through emails and Skype, but the thought of seeing them face to face and talking to them was a lot to look forward too:)

I was going to be in LA – the city of Angels and I must say it did not disappoint me.  Apart from meeting my friends, I would also be attending my friend’s wedding which I was super excited about. To have known her in the long single years and how she faithfully used her gifts to serve and edify other always encouraged me. When she told us she was dating ( her now husband ) I was super excited  for her. Also gave me some hope that maybe i may meet someone too 😉

We stayed in LA for two weeks and had packed it up with lunches and dinners with friends and of course – sightseeing! We got free tickets to Universal Studios(the benefits of having friends who know people that work there :). The day was an absolute blast! We then visited a family in Upland and the time spent with them was precious.

We also got to be part of the Live Finale show “The Voice”. It probably was the highlight of my trip. (Apart from hearing John Mac Arthur preach in person, nothing can top that!) I always wanted to be part of an international music show and I got more that just that! The experience was just mind blowing!!! I think I did shed a tear 😛

The wedding was right at the end of the trip. It was such a God honoring ceremony. It was a joy to see two people come together because of the love that they have for Christ. I made a few new friends at the wedding, which was great too:) To meet brothers and sisters in Christ is always a treat.

I am really glad my sister and I decided to attend our friend’s wedding and also make a vacation out of it. It was a much needed time off from work:)

Here are some photos from the trip!

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Repost: What Haunts Me About The Humboldt Bus Disaster

Reposting this article from Tim Challies :

On April 6, 2018, the Humboldt Broncos of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League boarded a bus for the two-hour drive to their playoff game in Nipawin. They had no idea that their obscure little hockey team from small-town Saskatchewan would soon be known around the world. At about 5 o’clock that evening their bus collided with a semi truck, causing utter devastation to the vehicle and the 29 passengers within it. Fourteen died immediately and two more in the days that followed. Most of those killed were in their teens or early twenties.

This tragedy has gripped the nation of Canada and made headlines far beyond. Crowdsourcing campaigns have raised millions. Unofficial tributes, like leaving hockey sticks outside the front door of homes or wearing hockey jerseys to work and school, have swept the country. There is something so essentially Canadian about this tragedy, something so very painful, that all of Canada is feeling it very deeply. We all grieve for the families who have so unexpectedly lost someone they loved. We all grieve for that small town that has been crushed by such a heavy blow.

As I have reflected on the disaster, there is a thought that continues to haunt me. It’s the thought of young people who have heard the gospel, but haven’t yet decided what to do about it. I know many people who are in the age-range of those players, people who are in their teens or twenties. Many of them have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, but have not yet responded in repentance and faith. They haven’t outright rejected the gospel—they just haven’t decided yet whether or not they believe it.

This is not unusual for young people. It is not uncommon for them to hear the good news but to hold off, to delay, to wait for what seems like a more opportune time. They are young, after all. They’ve got years still, don’t they? Perhaps not. I’m sure every young man on that bus had dreams for the future. I’m sure every one was convinced he had time left to live. But he didn’t.

What haunts me is young people—perhaps young people like you—who haven’t yet made up their minds. They have heard about Jesus and are perhaps convicted that he really is the Savior, but they haven’t yet put their faith in him. They are waiting for another day, waiting for a better time. Here’s how I want to challenge them, to challenge you: God does not promise you another day. He doesn’t promise you another moment. He doesn’t call you to turn to him tomorrow or next week or at some unspecified point in the future. He calls on you to turn to him now, in this very moment.

It is my prayer that this tragedy serves as a sobering wake-up call to young people across the nation and across the world. It is my prayer that it will stir many to consider that the call to the gospel is urgent, that it must be heeded today. God promises you salvation now and heaven forever if you’ll turn to him. But he does not promise you tomorrow.


He is in control… of all the small things as well:)

Being a Christian, one of the biggest anchor that I cling to, is that God is in absolute control of every aspect of my life. Things have been a little rough lately in the work aspect and trying to make sense of it has been a little frustrating.

The incident that I am about to share reminded me of how much in control our God is of each one of our lives and of every little thing as well. So, the other day my sister had landed late at night from an official trip. As the car came to drop her home I went down to help her with her luggage. We came back up and were about to retire for the day when I realised that I could not find my phone. I traced my steps back and was trying to figure out where did I last keep it. When I did remember, my heart just sank.

When I had gone to down to help my sister with the bags, I kept my phone on the roof of the car and had forgotten to take it back. We called the driver and he said that he was already a few kilometers away. He asked us to check the surrounding areas but we did not find it.

We turned back to head home when the driver called us and said that he stopped to check, and he found the phone right where I had left it- on top of the car!

I really did not know what to say. He came back and handed me the phone and was equally surprised as to how it did not fall off.

God showed me my place that day by proving that he was in absolute control of the speed of the car, the position of my cell phone and every thing else that kept it in it’s location.

I always knew that the Lord is in control of my life, and all the situations that come in it, but I think I needed a more practical lesson to let it sink in deeper.

So here I am writing this post from the same phone that had a ride on the top of a car;)