Quasar ’08

After reading my title u must be wondering wat m i gonna write in my post..well quasar is the annual function of MIT Design..We had one yesterday..and wat a nite it was.. i really had a good time..the programme included dances, plays n mad ads…it was fun..just to see the students up on stage was a joy..those who i thought were quiet turned out to be notorious..the music was great..high volume, disco lights, artificial fog and a lot more special effects…there was a range of dances from elvis to govinda style, punjabi to romantic songs…but the best was the live band..man were they good..they sang a song frm freddie mercury’s album..and they sang in harmony… wid the lead guitarists, the bass, the drums and the piano… i was on a high yest..after a long time went for a decent show..m glad m workin here, i know the Lord knows best for me.. i guess i should stop grumbling abt my job n just enjoy the perks of being around smart, creative, intelligent and of course good lookin people..

Re-living my college days!!!

Today i really had a good time at my work place..i felt i was back in college…right now the quasar festival is goin on which is the cultural festival in MIT Design(thats where i work)..the advantage of workin in a design coll is that u are surrounded by creativity..i painted on the common cloth with my handprints along with the paintings of all the other people…then i became a canvas n now my kurta has art work..my colleagues took the liberty of painting on my clothes as m the youngest employee here..today i really missed my college days..but m greatful to the Lord for giving them back again to me…

Kudos to Women who wear Saree to work everyday!!

As an Indian woman i know that she looks most elegant only in a saree… its ok if u have to wear it for functions n weddings..but when it comes to work i wud say its a big no no…today at my work place we all ladies decided to wear saree as it is the inauguration of the week long annual function in the college(i Work in MIT Design coll)..i had a time gettin ready this mornin.. i mean it takes me just ten mins to dress up but today it was like 45 mins ya..sheesh..i wud really like to meet the person who invented this strange way of wrappin a long piece of cloth around u..wat was the person’s motivation- inconvenience??? but i guess its a good experience, just tryin to juggle around with two bags on ur shoulder,a bottle in ur hand n tryin to reach ur pick up point in the mornin on a really busy road..hats off to my mum who wore saree practically every single day to work…

Learning to be content!!!

One thing that the Lord has been teachin me in the last few months has been contentment..whether it was when i did not have a job or i had to stop weight training(which btw plays a very imp role in my life) or even right now in my current job…its takin me quite a bit to get adjusted..i know this is wat the Lord wants for me right now.. i guess m havin a hard time acceptin it…but i knw He is my Father and He will give me only wat is good..I am Glad that He is in control of my life or i would have been a wreck by now…

A Typical day of my week

Well knowin that this is the first post in my blog i thought lets keep it light…no heavy duty fundas..my day starts wid my sis tryin to wake me up in the mornin to go to work..now u might be wondering why m i writing such teensy weensy details, becoz its one big task in my home to get me off my bed…and this daredevil stunt is taken over by my loving and very patient sister..after that its just rush rush rush…frm making my breakfast to fillin up my bag(which looks like m goin for a trek..thats coz it has gym stuff n lotsa snacks to keep me up during the day). The part that i hate the most is waiting for the Co car to pick me up.. they stick to d Indian standard time (of perpetually comin late).. n there i am all dressed up and lookin good watin in the heat at the side of a busy road with weird people starin at u…at work nothin excitin happens..unless the college students put up their work.. thats the advantage of workin in a design college…u get to see a lot of creative stuff and a lot of good lookin guys…my best part of the day is in the evenin in the gym..this is one place i get to unwind n relax.. my sis n i have a good time together…to come to think of it thats the only time we get to talk during the day… something that u gotta learn frm both of us is code language..thats the language we use in the gym(its a good way to keep everyone frm knowin that v r talkin abt them ha ha)..well this is typically how my day goes…will have some more interesting stuff on my blog soon..so keep readin..bubyee for now..