Well my sis tagged me with these questions..So i thought why not lets just answer them..

4 jobs I’ve had:
1. Front Desk Executive
2. Recruiter in a HR company
3. Administrator in an International School
4. Secretary to the dean of a College.

4 films I could watch again and again:
1. While You Were Sleeping
2. Ice Age
3.Rang De Basanti
4. Dil Chahata Hai

4 places I’ve lived in:
1. Palghat
2. Nasik
3. Pune
4. Well i have stayed only in 3 places till now…

4 TV series I like to watch:
1. Law and Order
2. CSI
3. Everybody Loves Raymond
4. Nigella Feasts

4 places that I’ve been on vacation to:
1. Bangalore, Mysore
2. Goa
3. Udipi( Love the food there)
4. Mangalore

4 websites I visit everyday:
1. My blog(hee hee)
2. Friend’s Blog
3. Design University Websites(Part of my job)
4. Google

4+4+4 books I’d love to read again and again:

1. Bible (There is always sumthin new to learn everytime i read it)
2. Harry Potter Series
3. Agatha Christie
4. Attitudes Of atransformed Heart-Martha Peace

4 favorite dishes:
1. Fish Fry
2. Prawns Fry
3. Ice Cream( For me its a dish)
4. Chicken Roulade

4 places where I’d like to be right now:
1. Italy
2. California
3. Sydney
4. London


My love for ice cream!!

I scream, U scream, we all scream for Ice Cream..well i know this sounds cliched but still dont we all get excited when we have ice cream…I can have ice cream at any time…and mind u i have had it for break fast too.. My love for ice cream has been there since i was a kid.. we used to have this family tradition where my dad would get ice cream every sunday evenin… we wud all enjoy it together..one annoyin habit that i had as a kid was, i used to eat my ice cream really fast n then make a puppy face and look at my mum…very graciously then she wud give me her remaining ice cream…i tried the same trick wid my sis..but obvious it did not work…well those were the good days…but my love for ice cream has still not gone..even when i had to lose weight i did not stop eating ice cream…the reason m dedicating one post to just ice cream is coz its sooo soooo hot out here..and m hallucinating ice creams…so i thought might as well just write about it…

In a very good mood today…

I dont know wats wrong wid me today..m really really happy…its been after a long time where i have felt so elated.. maybe m in love, maybe i enjoyed my workout today a lot, or maybe m just thankful unto the Lord for giving me new life..for the family, church,my friends..i have had some good memories of the great times i have spent wid my buddies..n m glad too that m gettin to make new friends in the gym (well my sis will know wat m talkin of… hee hee)… i thank the Lord for good days and the bad days in my life…coz thats the only why i will learn important lessons…so all u folks enjoy and have a great weekend…chow…

Kinda zapped right now..

It is one of those days when u have a whole lot of work n after to finish it, u have no clue wats goin on..thats how i feel right now..i just finished checkin 306 pages of official information…well i knw that does not sound like fun but u gotta do wat u gotta do..and m learning to do it joyfully…tomorrow is gonna be another wonderful day as i have to format those 306 pages.. so wish me luck..

Dance with me!!!

Actually today i really did not have anythin to write.. that cud be becoz its 5:30 pm n i have d last half an hr at work…then suddenly i remembered the first time i danced on stage…now u might think wats so special in that..well atleast for me it is..i grew up wid this mind block that i cannot dance( thanks to a school teacher who told me straight on my face when i was only 12)…but that definitely did not stop me from tryin..i was always shy to dance as a teenager as i was over weight..then just few yrs back we had a fashion show in r gym, where v thought to put up a dance show.. i was already attending the dance class in the gym so it was kinda easy to accept the offer..that experience on stage was exhilarating..i still cant forget that night..we danced as a group n it was in hotel taj blue diamond…and the funniest thing was i wasn’t nervous at all…i just had fun on the stage…the lights, the people cheering us and of course the loud music.. all in all it was a wonderful night to remember..and all the credit goes to the very patient choreographer n our dance teacher shirley singh…if it wasn’t for her to encourage me i dont think i wud have danced that night.

Aspiring to be a Fitness Professional

I never thought that one day i would say that i wanna be fitness professional..I have worked in the admin section for quite some time now.. but the only place where i see my self really happy is the gym..It have had this strong desire for very long now..will be plannin to do a course in fitness in the coming months… My love for the fitness industry did not exist a couple of years ago..infact i was the kind of girl who hated exercise…i loved my food, my sofa n my TV..yup a proper couch potato..I had to join the gym for health reasons…i started enjoyin my workout so much that i continued gymmin even after i lost the required amount of weight.. now working out has become a part of my life..Like i said in my previous post u never know wat u might end up liking..

While you were Sleeping

While you were sleeping has been one of my favourite movies since quite some time…its a simple love story between a man(Bill Pullman) and a woman(Sandra Bullock)..the reason i like this movie is coz that v always think we know who we will fall in love with…we have an image of that person in our mind..whether its how he looks or wat he likes etc etc…many a times we watch someone from afar and think, ” Oh yes this is the person m gonna love and get married to”.. but many times when we get to talk to THAT person we might actually not like him… thats how the story goes in this movie too.. Sandra Bullock works in a train station and she would see this guy(Peter Gallegher) everyday and she thought she was in love with him…as the movie goes on she ends up savin his life at the same train station…thus she gets to spend time with his family and also with Bill Pullman who happens to be the younger brother of Peter Gallagher..the chemistry between Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock is really sweet..u gotta watch this movie to enjoy it..in the end all i have to say that we plan a lot of things in r lives as to whom we gonna marry, wat job v gonna take…but we might just do the exact opposite..u might never know wat u might like tomorrow..