Gym Talk!!!

My sister and I have been working out in the gym for quite some time now.. and it has always been a place of entertainment for us.. you will see a varied crowd there..from wanna be’s to sophisticated to down right ghaaties… and mind u uh, these ghaaties are the ones who have the cash…well knowing that both of us have a busy schedule that’s the only place we actually get to talk…so we usually are catchin up wid each other as to how r day has gone etc etc…but how much ever we try we never end up talking about r day much in detail as there are such wonderful characters around that steal r attention… even though its just both of us we know how to have fun… as we cannot take names in the gym (coz then they will know that we are talking about them.. duh) we have kept code names..

When I sat down one day writing all the names they were easily over 50.. now they might have reached even 100..the names range from Major, Minor, Captain(the military squad) to Rapunzel, the Queen, the witch ( fairy tale section) ….we are so used to speaking in this code language that sometimes these names utter out even when we talking to r friends… (then u can see the question mark on their faces)..

There are a lot of advantages of working out in a gym like Abs… you get to see a lot of good looking guys and a lot of not so good lookin guys who think they are very good lookin…then we have the pretty chicks who look absolutely lost in the gym…its like apart from their manicured nails they cant think further..For eg: when I go to workout I just wear a t shirt and track pants…anythin that is comfortable and which absorbs sweat… but these girls have to look pretty in the gym too…so they will leave their long lustrous hair open while doin weight training hopin that some guy will fall in love with them, at least by lookin at their hair(coz they know no one is gonna fall in love with their intellect)…

We also have the psychic ones (ladies again) who will wear make up and come to the gym… and m not talking about lip gloss or lipstick.. I mean foundation and other accessories..i could never forget this lady who walked into the gym the other day with a pair of goggles… I am like “ have u ladies gone bonkers”..this is the gym man.. not ur social party group…

M telling u this is a total entertainment club…i have so many times walked in the gym in a foul or a sad mood… but these cartoons end up makin my day.. ha ha…but then of course there are the serious ones too who know why they come to the gym.. TO WORKOUT… and its good to talk to them..

Snip snip snip…

Have u ever experienced the thrill and excitement when ur gonna get a new hairdo.. well at least I feel it..its more for girls I guess.. coz we have so many options(as usual)… I have a hair cut appointment every 3 months… and I see to it that I get a different look every time I go… my last appointment was on Saturday… my goal this time is to grow my hair long… and m telling u it ain’t an easy job… so I just cut my hair in layers and for the first time I decided to have bangs(or in the Indian version flicks).. well I do look different now.. some girls at my work place called me Barbie doll( which btw was not very funny).. but yes one advantage that this haircut gave me was that I looked younger(which woman would not want that)…but its nice I kinda like it… I know its difficult to get used to a new hairdo.. coz after u wash your hair and all the blow-dry effect has gone(from the hairdresser) all u have left is bushy hair.. well my hair being wavy does not look that great if I just leave it by itself… it looks like as if I have gone thru a tornado or sumthin… but apart form that I have always enjoyed the experience of getting a new hairstyle…the two days that u don’t wash ur hair and people get to see u in a different way…aah that feeling is good…I am grateful that no one as yet has given me a bad haircut… and u know wat it does make a difference when u get a bad haircut… I mean hair does take time to grow and u are gonna like that for quite some time u know… well like said m glad that I have had a pleasant experience at the hairdressers till now..

Childhood memories..

I really don’t like the times when u go completely blank and u have to write a post… was just thinking really hard and wondering, c’mon there has gotta be sumthin that I can write on…then the other day when I was talking to a student in college we suddenly went back to r childhood days.. and in no time we were laughin r hearts out.. then I thought why not write about this in my next post…

Well as kids both my sis and I were brats, in the eyes of our parents (more so my sis.. I was a little angel who never could hurt a fly..hee hee).. but I can never forget those days.. we really enjoyed r time…sumthin that u will notice about my sister and I is that we can laugh anywhere at any point of time.. obviously we have got into trouble for it too..

One occasion that comes to my mind now is or bed time.Somewhere as growing kids we never liked r deadline being 8:30pm.. there we would be both of us in r beds in the dark..even though we cant see each others faces we are giggling away to glory..for us it was giggles but in the quietness of the night it was as good as a laugh and then I remember my dad comin into r room and yellin at us sayin “Malaglike agudilla wa”( cant u guys go to sleep). We would have a straight face at that point of time..but as kids we were shameless.. so the moment he left we would be giggling again…

Well the giggles have mellowed down the years but r tradition to talk till late nights havn’t.. coz that’s the only time we get to chat as both of us are workin full time now… but I miss those days..where I did not have to worry about anything as to how m gonna get thru this month with all the expenses that I have, wat about my career, blah blah blah.. well I guess those are the privileges of being a kid…

Got Ripped Off!!!

My day was goin fine yesterday..nothin seemed very interesting but not so boring as well..was just happy to finish work n was on my way to my favourite coffee shop i.e Coffee Jar in Wanowrie. Well i took a rickshaw from wanowrie to the coffee shop, stopped there for about 2 mins and then directed the driver to go to MG Rd..can u guess how much the fare came up to??? 70 bucks…i was sooo annoyed…i told him and explained too that is is way too much.. that i have travelled a lot more of a distance and the fare has never come so high… he just was not ready to listen..i shud have just givin him 50bucks n walked off..but at that point i felt so cheated i did not even know wat to do..well right now m tryin to find out online where i can put a complaint against these rickshaw drivers who tweek their meters and over charge the customers.. will see to it that they pay a price for it… m still sooo angry about the whole thing…coz u know u slog so hard and earn every penny..and then there are these jerks around who swindle u off all ur money… i guess it will just take me time to cool off..

Good Old Friends…

Yesterday I met up wid some good friends of mine… we used to work together and that’s how the friendships developed… we all know each other now for 3 yrs…and so many things have changed since then… we all were studying at that point, trying to just get our education done with…and now all of us our working…really busy… managing barely to keep in touch… it was so good to just talk…we could have gone all night… all of us have gone thru so many life changing situations in the past few years that we all have mellowed down a lot.. be it relationships or career.. it has taught us to be a lot more sympathetic towards one another… the best part of my friends is that they are into fitness….so we had some really good conversations on six packs and workouts and protein shakes…ha ha.. but all in all it was a fun time… was really motivated to workout better and focus more on my diet and exercise…thanks to my friend Amit (personal trainer in Gold’s Gym), after seeing his disciplined lifestyle(his well developed body) and passion for working out, was really encouraged to keep pressing on as regards exercise…

Wat is my true Passion????

These were some questions my friend Ancy put forth..

1. What puts a smile on your face?
-Ice Cream
2. What do you find easy?
-To co-ordinate and get my work done..
3. What sparks your creativity?
-The place and the people i am around with.
4. What would you do for free?
-Being a Nanny
5. What do you like to talk about?
-The gospel, workouts and food..
6. What makes you unafraid of failure?
-That we all are human and no one is perfect.. we learn from our failures..
7. What would you regret not having tried?
-Bungee jumping

It’s all in the Eyes…

Keeping with the flow of Robert Downey Jr I found this really neat photograph…As the saying goes a picture can say a thousand words…for me the look in his eyes say that he has a lot more that he wants to do…the journey has begun but there is a long way to go…so wat does this photograph tell you…please do lemme know…would love to get a different perspective…