M back… its been long since I’ve written in my blog… Btw Happy 4th of July to all those who celebrate it… Its better to keep writin sumthin in ur blog on a day to day basis..coz when u lose touch, u don’t wanna get back to writing.. that’s how m feeling right now…basically I was ill for 5 days with a sinus infection.. so all I did for those five days was just eat n sleep.. now m back to work…so no more extra sleeping…

Days have been goin nice.. u may ask why am I using the word nice…hmmmm I actually don’t know too… the place where I am currently employed, we are in the shifting process… we r gonna be in a new campus in another 20 days.. so right now the admin section is in the PG classroom.. and the funny part is I like it better than my previous place… I have a nice window seat and I get to talk to my colleagues a lot more than I used to .. so I guess that’s why I feel “Nice”… and u know wat it does make a lot of difference as to wat kind of people u r around…. Be in the company of nagging and ungrateful people, u kinda end up havin the same attitude…now m around people who r a lil chilled out about stuff and that’s good.. my regular headaches have stopped… n I seem to be in a lighter mood these days.. m happy:)

Workouts as usual r goin fine… just started yest after a week’s break as I was ill.. felt good… this weekend is gonna be fun as my friends have come down from their trip back home in the states.. so m gonna have a lot of catchin up to do… m actually lookin forward to it.. and of course I gotta watch a weekend movie.. so this Saturday it is “Made of honor”… till next week then, chow n take care… my upcomin article will probably be the review of the movie..


4 thoughts on “Nice…

  1. Girl, u forgot to give a title for the post…Nice pic…Would love to sit by the window and read a book…..Yes! It does matter with what kind of people you associate with…We end up imitating them….Anyways u enjoy this ‘nice’ season of yours!!!


  2. for some reason i like window seats.. whether at work home or in the bus.. but nothin can beat the train.. love sittin at the window seat in a train and reading a book in a long journey..and enjoy the attention.. u might miss it when it goes…ha ha


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