Moments to remember..

All of us at one point of time in our lives have experienced embarrassing moments… if u know me personally I definitely am the perfect candidate for it. When I look back now I just wonder as to how cud I have been so stupid… but I guess we all have are moments… so I will start with the least embarrassing one..

1) This incident took place when I was in 5th standard ( if I remember correctly). We were havin r English grammar class…we were learnin about comparative n superlative degrees… r teacher asked us so what is the comparative n superlative degree for good… very pride fully and like a miss know it all I raised my hand up… there were few other girls too who had their hands up… as I get a lil too excited abt answerin questions I was almost jumpin off the seat… seeing my desire to answer she gave me the opportunity to do so…I cleared my throat n said a loud voice, “The answer is Good, Gooder Goodest”. I cant clearly remember if the whole class started laughin, but I was red in my face, n sat down quietly upon knowin that it wasn’t the right answer.

2) This second incident that I am about to mention I guess is a lot more embarrassing as the memory hasn’t faded as yet. This occurred in my second year of graduation (commerce)… we had this subject called Business Administration. We had a new, young professor, who insisted that the students need to dress up formally for his class.. so that meant the guys in their formal shirt n pants with a tie( no one was allowed without a tie) and the girls in their salwar kameez. As teenagers no one wants to come dressed like that… the reason m givin u details so that u can have a basic idea of the kind of professor he we were pretty frustrated as he had a lot of rules and regulations in his class…one day as the class got over we all got up to say thank u( as he expected us to do so every single time)… so he got out of the class and only few students stood up n wished him… he wanted to instill a sense of discipline in us so he walked back in. as we were back in r seats, so v had to stand up again n wish him. This happened 2-3 times, which kinda got annoyin… I was thoroughly annoyed and I mumbled something to my friend… the professor obviously saw that n asked me, “ So caroline do u have sumthin to say?”, till date I cant believe the way I answered that question. I said, “Yes sir, can you please leave the class so that we all can sit down. We are really tired of sayin “thank u” over and over again”… my friend just looked at me in disbelief. I cud not believe I said that… and u know wat he did not say anything… he took it pretty well, smiled and walked out of the class… we had such a good laugh after he left…

3) My last embarrassing and probably the worst embarrassing moment was when I was workin in Endurance Fitness club. There used to be this guy(whose name I wont mention, as he is quite a famous personality in Pune) who would come to workout. He had this very annoyin habit of flirtin with the girls…one day he was talking to my colleague (or shud I say flirting with her), n I was just comin out of the ladies spa. His back was towards me so I took the liberty of makin funny faces or rather imitating him, without realizing that there was a mirror right in front of him. As soon as i realized the fact I ran back in the spa… I tried to avoid bumpin into him later, but it was difficult as I worked there.

So those were my top three embarrassing moments… I definitely have had more but i guess i will keep it down to 3..hope u guys have enjoyed readin it…Feel free to share yours, so that i can share a laugh too..


8 thoughts on “Moments to remember..

  1. U got me laughing in splits that my wheezing aggravated….heehee. My top fav is definitely “good gooder goodest” Who can beat that, huh?? U are funny I can say that for sure…My embarrassing moments are too bad to be mentioned man….Nyways I enjoyed reading every bit…..


  2. heh heh, girl…u got me thinking of Christo’s class all over again, surely being one among his targets, i recall, he cud be a pain in the backside…remember his gait…And oh boy! whr is Anil?? u in touch with him? Gosh, do u remember tht M.Law lady, and a comment Anil passed abt a horse, and we cudnt stop laughing and she caught me…aaahh!! we had a blast back then, huh!! btw naisha, now im curious abt ‘hairy leg’ tale…plz narrate it before my weird magination goes wild…


  3. christo’s class was entertainment ya… i do remember hw he used to walk.. ha ha.. i dontt remember the horse thing though.. i’ve forgotten who anil is too.. hee hee.. but those were good days man.. i’ve really enjoyed them..i wish we cud meet christo again.. wud love pullin his leg.. ha ha..


  4. wht!! dont remember Anil?? U had a crush of sorts on him…No way, u cud have forgotten him, of all the people…you were gr8 chums with him… whts with ur memory, huh? nyways, do u remember febi, ancy, onaiza, jean…? or u’ve forgotten them too? wow, talk about ‘moving on with life’, eh!! 😉


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