Growing up Sucks!!!

As a child i always wanted to grow up really fast. I did not like school, or homework or exams… Now that i am working and grown up, life aint that easy on this side too.. like they say, “The grass alwasy looks greener on the other side”. After goin on the other side i realised that it aint that green as it seemed to be… There are so many responsibilities that u have to take care of, ur expenses, taxes…aaargh… i hate it sometimes…just runnin around to get these things done itself is a hassle…n m tellin u its a pain when u have to deal with the government officials…they will see to it that u visit their office more than once… they derive a lot of pleasure in just seeing u in pain… 31st July 2008 is the last date to file my returns and in the last one yr i have had to change my job.. so that means i gotta collect my form 16 from my previous employer as well which i am not very excited to do… why is life so complicated as an adult.. now when i look back i wish i was a kid:(

3 thoughts on “Growing up Sucks!!!

  1. I totally agree with you. In fact I was thinking on the same lines this morning. How much we complained about homework and tutorials….But I guess this is life and it is a part of growing up…..


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