The Corporate Life

I have been working in the corporate world for more than 3 yrs now. I don’t  know if I can say I totally love it, but I don’t hate it either. Given a chance I would like to go back to the education industry as I love working with students/children ( you kinda always feel young around them;)
As a single person though, I prefer working in the corporate industry as the pay is good and I am able to support myself. Yeah, it does mean long working hours and some days are just absolutely manic. But the paycheck reminds me of why I am slogging the entire month 🙂
Working in a corporate can have its advantages too. Unlimited supply of coffee 😀 That is big for me as I am a coffee lover . I know, I know the machine coffee ain’t that great. But when you have worked in a college that is in the middle of nowhere, with no access to good food, let alone coffee, you start appreciating the little things in life 🙂
The other good part are the offsite trips with your team. When any kind of travel and stay is an all expense paid trip, you  just say yes and be happy 😉 I have been fortunate enough to go to some good places, which I am grateful unto the Lord for. So as you work you  might also  have some fun on the side:)

Good times over the Bad Ones

Its been a while  I have written a post. Past few days were quite busy at work and lot of other things took up my time. Even as I look back at the last ten days, they seemed quite intense. When I look back even further- weeks and months- it still was the same. Somehow I feel  that its been a little more on the morbid side. But I guess that’s how life is. You can’t have every single day where you sing happy songs and cruise along. Some days will be upbeat and some will be low key. Sometimes those days can even turn to months and even years.

But even in times like these I try to choose to remember the blessings. One of which would be a skype session I had with a very good friend, yesterday. I did not even realize how the hour went by. We had not spoken ( apart from emails) to each other for years. Yesterday just bought back a flood of good memories that cheered my soul. I praise God for such friends.I praise God for the great times of fun and fellowship I had with this family. And in the midst of all the low moments I am choosing to remember them 🙂

Movie Review: The Martian

It was a long weekend, so decided to take mum out for a movie and thus giver her a break from the daily chores. Initially I had not planed to go for this one as I am not a big fan of space movies. Matt Damon kinda changed my mind;)
The movie is about one of the crew person Mark Watney( Matt Damon) being left behind on Mars and the rescue plan for getting him back. So while the remaining crew people continue on their mission thinking Mark is dead, he is keeping himself alive and busy growing potatoes. How he manages to do that on Mars, for that you will have to go watch the movie.

Fortunately as the movie has many characters and goes back and forth from Mars to the people at NASA, you don’t get bored. Mark’s in your face sense of humour keeps you from truly feeling sad at his condition. His never to give up attitude helped.
All you science geeks will like the movie for the astrodymamics and any other concepts that a lay person like me might not be aware of;) It made me appreciate the work the people at NASA do and the amount of time they are willing to be away from the ones they love.
All in all great job by Matt Damon, Sean Bean and my favorite Jeff Daniels. A one time watch I would rate this movie a 3.5/5.