What’s been happening with me

Its been a while since I moved from blogspot to wordpress. Somehow it has taken me longer that I thought to write here. I guess change always does that to you.

So what has been happening since the last time I wrote… well I had my first International travel and holiday to Dubai. It was totally worth saving up for it:) ( will write more in a separate post)

I completed 6 months at BMC Software and I am quite happy with my job:) Its been after a long time I am enjoying my work and the set of people I work with. Definitely not going to take it for granted.

I bought a cycle..yay!!! Still trying to get a hang of it( yeah yeah I can hear all of you laughing:P)  So I am learning how to ride a bicycle just like everyone else did,with the scrapes, bruises and falls;)

But something that has been coming back to my mind even as I write this post is that, since I have moved to wanowrie- a better residential locality, life has been so much better. I praise God for giving much wisdom and guidance as we decided to move last year.

Even as this year comes to an end, I hope the next would be as exciting as this one, with many new memories to make and many more moments to cherish:D


Graduated to Wordpress

So finally I made the decision to move my blog to wordpress. Have been thinking about it for a while and I finally made the move:) The blog is still under construction as I need to figure out all the layout and editing:| But at least I made a start. Will try and keep this updated on a regular basis and also try and beautify it on the side;)

Hope you guys like the new look 😀