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The Half-Trained Dog- Tim Challies

The Half-Trained Dog

Read this post today.. hard hitting:\

The Half-Trained Dog

-Tim Challies/December 28, 2015

A site I visit from time-to-time dedicated Christmas day to displaying nothing but videos of people receiving puppies for Christmas. They meant to spread Christmas cheer, I suppose. There were little boys and girls, grown men and women, and even seniors, all screaming and weeping with joy as they came face-to-face with their new pets. I have often heard it said that pets do not make a great Christmas gift, but here it was, video after video of people immediately falling in love with those new puppies.

I found myself wondering what happened to those puppies. Over the years we have had a couple of dogs. Like most people, we planned to train our dogs until they were perfectly behaved, until they could go head-to-head with a police dog and perform just as well. For a little while we made good progress. We taught the dog to do its doggie business outdoors instead of indoors—that took only a week or two. We taught the dog to sit, which was simple enough because all we needed to do was use treats to bribe a hungry animal. Heeling went passably well, except for those times when another dog was anywhere in the vicinity. These initial things were simple enough and it was no great challenge to train the dog so she was halfway respectable. After that it got much more difficult. Lie down, beg, crawl, stay off the furniture, don’t stare at me when I’m eating, be calm—we gave up long before the dog could master any of these. In the end we, like most people, settled for a barely-trained but tolerable dog. We settled for good enough.

Sometimes I settle for a similar “good enough” in my own life. Time after time I am struck by the Bible’s calls for perseverance in the Christian life. Sure, we need to persevere in the face of trials, temptations, and persecution. But that is not all. We also need to persevere in the face of inner godlessness, in the face of that discouraging indwelling sin. Few battles are more discouraging than this one, and few battles are more likely to cause us to give up.

God calls us to train ourselves to be godly (1 Timothy 4:7). We do this by killing sin—by killing sin and coming alive to righteousness. We put aside old patterns and habits and come alive to new, better ones. God does not call us to bruise our sin, or injure it, or slap it around a little. God calls us to put our sin to death, and that is a hard business. God assures us that with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit we can do this, to beat it to death, to see its hold on us drastically, radically diminished. But so often we stop short. We train ourselves for a while, but then grow weary when those last vestiges of the sin refuse to die, or when we realize that sin has much deeper and stronger roots than we had expected, or when we realize that we actually kind of like our sin. We end up half-trained, good enough Christians.

Yet God calls us to persevere in the battle, to train ourselves thoroughly and completely, to fight for holiness and godliness from the moment of conversion to the moment of death. We answer this call only when we doggedly persevere.


family ˈfamɪli,-m(ə)l-/

family: ˈfamɪli,-m(ə)l-/
1.a group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a       unit
2.all the descendants of a common ancestor
Some how I don’t like the dictionary meaning of the word family.It narrows it down to blood relation, which in a broader sense does not work. We live in a day and age where many of us don’t even live with our parents. So its definitely not about living together as a “unit”.
Personally the concept of  family, are those people who have always been there for during your most difficult moments and also rejoiced with you during triumphs. They are the ones who will stand up for you when needed and also correct you when required.
As a Christian, the picture of a family is in a much larger sense. I am so grateful for all my  brothers and sisters in Christ. The bond that exists is much stronger than blood relations, as the foundation is Christ. There have been countless people that the Lord has placed in my life who have helped me be more loving, gracious, caring and ultimately Christ like. I remember those dear friends a lot today and thank the Lord for those times and seasons.
Even today I am surrounded with many people that technically are not my “family” in the dictionary sense. But I am so grateful to God to have them in my life:)

The year that was- not the Facebook version ;)

Very rarely do I stay up late to write a post for my blog. But I wanted to pen down my thoughts on my 32nd Birthday before I get tied up with all the celebration and excessive eating;) Also the black coffee that I had 2 hours ago is keeping me up, so why not make the best use of time.

2015 has probably been one of the best years I have had. One of the major highlights being the Dubai trip with my sister. Never thought I would be able to save up and travel internationally  at my own expense.


I got a new job this year that I love. Working amongst a great bunch of people and learning new things everyday.

I don’t think I could ever thank the Lord enough for the blessing of having a place to  stay in Wanowrie. Everytime I enter the building I am reminded of God’s faithfulness and care:)

My dream of having my second home- ie the gym, at walking distance, was something I had not even asked for and the Lord has given it. Oh and we came in the newspapers as well 😀

AFX1So grateful for my parents (for their tremendous patience for bearing with me , for my sister who totally loves me and acknowledges that I am the best sister in the world( just kidding;)

Praising God for my extended family in Christ and my friends.

Last and definitely not the least, I thank Jesus for being my Savior and Lord, my best friend and comforter, my only source of true joy and satisfaction. I thank you Lord for dying on the cross and making yourself known to me, without whom I would be wandering in darkness.

So as I celebrate another year of singleness passing by (an internal joke that I share with my friends)  I am thankful for the time gone be, and looking forward to many more to come.