Book Review: The Dating Manifesto

I just finished reading the book, ‘The Dating Manifesto’ by Lisa Anderson and I am so glad that I picked this one up. I have been following Boundless for quite some time now and love listening to the podcast session. Lisa Anderson is the director of Boundless and young adults at Focus on the Family, and hosts The Boundless Show  podcast.

When she published her book I knew I definitely wanted to read it.  I think the fact that she is single and knows exactly what a person  goes through during those years of singleness, made me want to hear what she had to say as regards dating-in the context of marriage.

The book is pretty straightforward. If you cant handle the bitter truth upfront- this book is not for you. I liked the fact that she shared her life experiences that helped me relate to my situations as well. Really good tips on dating, wisdom, accountability, and contentment and most important-God’s sovereign rule over every single, small detail of our lives.

Apart from addressing the singles, she has written to the church at  the end of the book:) Even though this book can be hard hitting, Lisa’s sense of humour and her love for the Lord will make you want to honour Him in every season of your life and remind you that singleness is not a waiting period for something better to come. You are living a good life in your singleness too:)

Book Rating: 4/5



Broken TV=Blessed Evening

As I walked into my home this evening, I realized there was something different in the atmosphere. It was calmer, quieter and I could hear myself talk to mum as I passed through the kitchen and hall to my room.There was no background sound of the television.That came as surprise to which later I was informed that it had stopped working. Oh the joy that filled my heart 😉

I saw the difference in just one evening- the house was more quiet, mum and dad were having more meaningful conversations and  I did not have to hear the news reporters screaming on top of their voices, which would in turn make me scream out loud:/

Growing up I could never imagine a life without a TV. In fact I did not know life without a TV.  I grew up wasting many years and precious time sitting in front of the idiot box, when I should have been out, playing or being involved in things that were more productive.

I know that the television has its blessings, but somehow I feel the curses outweigh them. I know many of you will probably be nodding your head in disagreement, but this is just my view on the subject and I am hoping that there are a few more days of the broken TV;)


New Year & The Flu

Happy New Year!!! Hope you all had a good time bringing in the new year:) I was happy to have a long weekend-not to happy to fall ill on the last day of the weekend.

So here I am on the first working day of the year sitting at home and down with the flu.I was hoping to be a much better start to the new year, but that’s ok, things could have been a lost worst.

Will be going the doctor this evening, till then I am just keeping myself together with cold & flu tablets.

Have a good week everyone:)