I have  always been fond of kids. Growing up I would take care of my younger cousins and and later in my early twenties I spent a lot of time baby sitting my friend’s kids. Even though I am single I have been blessed to be around some great families and have had the opportunity to still interact with children:)

So when we got an email at work which said that 19th May 2016 will be ‘Bring Your Kids To Work’ day, it got me thinking. Last year I did not bother as much about it. But this year I spoke to the organizers and checked with them if I could get a kid along, even though biologically he would not be my own child. She said “Why not?”

I already had someone in mind and I spoke to the parents and checked with them if they would be ok if I took him to work. They were totally fine with the idea:)

So  I took Khruzo Pimur to work and felt very proud taking him along. I must say at this point that I have a lot of respect for parents who toil 24/7 around their children. The moment Khruzo was in in my care, I had to be super vigilant and mindful of everything. I also learnt how to be patient and realized that kids can ask a lot of questions :O

Khruzo is 8 years old, so i still had it  easy as he  understood instructions. Being socially comfortable, he did not have trouble making new friends:) The children were kept busy from 2pm- 5pm. When I checked on him in between, he seemed to be having a lot of fun!!

More than Khruzo I was excited about this day. I am really thankful unto the Lord for the church and the family of Christ that I get to share these joys, as a single person.

I am ending this post with a few clicks from the day. 🙂