The unexpected breaks…

I felt it was just yesterday when we were bringing in 2016.Now we are  already in September with only 3 months till the end of the year. Sometimes work can take a lot out of you, where you actually forget to slow down and smell the roses:)

I have felt that in the past couple of months and have been wanting to take a long break. Hoping I get to do that soon, but in the meanwhile I am enjoying the small unexpected rest periods due to my recurring bouts of flu:/

This monsoons have been absolutely crazy. It is  hot in the morning, cloudy during the day and cold at night. By the time I am recovering from my present illness, I catch a new one at the end of the first.

Knowing that God is sovereign over my life and he knows what is best for me, I try to make good use of all these breaks, like catch up on my reading, watch my favorite TV series and of course updating my blog:)

I hope that next time I  blog it won’t be out of compulsion, but because I really want to share something that is close to my heart 🙂



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