Do we really know what we like?

Last week was pretty hectic.My colleague was on leave and we had a customer visiting us. So this time I had to incorporate a dual role. It was crazy busy, but a lot of fun too. It was an important client and the account managers traveled from the UK. They were here for a few days before the actual briefing so that we could sit down and chalk out the specific agenda.

It was a new experience for me . Made a lot of decisions on my own , which was a good a learning experience.Something that I really enjoyed was interacting with the British folks. You really can’t beat the British humour. Maybe that’s why I did not feel the stress  as much, because I was having  a good time executing it.

I always thought that I preferred the American culture, but after spending time with these guys, I think I prefer the British 🙂 There were a lot more things I could relate to, especially the authentic English language;)

As I said earlier and even in some of my previous posts, sometimes we think we know what we  like, but God has a wonderful way of surprising us 🙂


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