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My sister shared this post with me the other day and it was a hard read as I am so quick to judge those who are late :/ I really hope to be more compassionate .

No, You Are Not Running Late. You Are Rude and Inconsiderate!-Tim Challies

You are not “running late.” You are rude. You are inconsiderate. You need to change. Greg Savage’s frustration with other people’s tardiness boiled over into an amusing rant that he posted online, and that was subsequently read by hundreds of thousands.

10 people kept waiting in a meeting for 20 minutes, while some selfish pratt who idles his way via the coffee shop, is actually 20 minutes times 10, which is 200 minutes wasted – while you keep us waiting because you did not catch the earlier bus. That is over 3 hours wasted. By you! How much has that cost the business? Shall I send you an invoice?

And an arrangement to meet someone for a business meeting at a coffee shop at 3 pm, more often than not means at 3.10 you get a text saying ‘I am five minutes away’ which inevitably means 10 minutes, and so you wait for 15 or 20 minutes, kicking your heels in frustration.

Like most epic and enjoyable rants, we can all identify with the heart of the issue. Most of us feel some of his angst, because most of us have been kept waiting by someone who pulls in late too often and who apologizes too seldom. Somehow lateness has become culturally acceptable, excused away by busyness or traffic or the other trappings of our frantic lives. Savage says, “I consider serial lateness a character flaw which I take into account when working out who to promote, who to hire and who to count amongst my real friends.” In his view it is that important.

In many ways I am inclined to agree with Savage. I can very easily see a link between promptness and character, where people of mature character tend to be the ones who show up on time, or even a few minutes early. Here in North America we could probably lobby to make it the missing fruit of the Spirit: Love, joy, peace, patience, promptness, kindness, gentleness… But there is always one nagging little thought in the back of my mind: Jesus was late. Or was he just on time? He certainly looked late. In John 11 he is summoned to rush to the side of his friend Lazarus. But he dawdled and arrived not 20 minutes late, but 2 whole days late. By that time Lazarus was not only in the grave, but getting pretty ripe in there. His friends were disappointed in him, assuming that he didn’t properly understand the situation, or that he didn’t properly prioritize it. “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

But Jesus had been waylaid for the best of reasons–he was deeply in touch with God’s will and knew that God had something he meant to do and something he meant to prove in this situation. Where a human perspective made Jesus look like a failure, from a divine perspective he was the greatest success. We can see the same in the Psalms where David seems to assume that God is late or too busy with other things, too busy or too distracted to reply to David in his agony. We can see it in the cries of God’s people under oppression, as God seems so slow to turn his face toward them. Sometimes even the Divine looks late when we look at Him from our so-human and so-limited perspective.

And this is just my fear when we demand promptness and assume that tardiness indicates a character flaw. There is so much we don’t see. There are many people who love to do good to others, and they allow that doing good to others to take precendence over their schedules. My temptation is just the opposite, to refuse to do good because I don’t want to be late. In fact, just last night I dreamed about witnessing an accident but driving away so I wouldn’t be late for an elders’ meeting.

This issue has been an important one in my church. Toronto is the most culturally diverse city in the world, which makes the churches multi-racial, multi-cultural, and multi-everything else. I would say that nearly half of our church is from a West African or South American background, and both continents regard time differently from the way we do. I might be tempted to regard this only as weakness, but there are strengths as well. While I arrive on time but alone, my African friends might arrive thirty minutes late, but in a socially-engaged crowd. While I might be tempted to rush right back out of church to get home, to get lunch, to get a nap, to get geared up for the evening service, my African friends might dawdle at the church and socialize for hours until the next service begins. The issue that may frustrate us also masks genuine strengths. Will those strengths diminish as promptness increases? Is it worth the cost? Some of the most thoughtful people I know, are also the most consistently late people I know. They show their thoughtfulness in other ways—ways that sometimes make them late.

I do not mean to defend lateness. I still believe promptness is an application of Jesus’ simple command that we are to let our yes be yes and our no be no. If you say you will arrive at 10, arrive at 10, not 11. Like Savage, I believe the deeper issue is with people who plan to be late, who think so highly of themselves that they don’t even attempt to get there on time anymore, and who don’t care a bit for how this inconveniences others.

So by all means, let’s plan to be on time, and let’s live orderly lives. But let’s be slow to stand in judgment of those who show up at a time we deem inappropriate. If nothing else, let’s know people for their many strengths and not only that one weakness that most frustrates us.

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The Musings of a Coldplay fan girl…

Last weekend all that everyone could talk about was the Coldplay concert in Mumbai. This was the first time they were going to perform LIVE in India, so yeah it was a pretty big deal. If you think this post is of me being at the concert and my wonderful moments, then you should just stop right here and go back to doing what you were doing.

I could not go the concert. I never thought that they would play in India and I would not be able to experience them Live. I tried hard to get the tickets but could not. They were just way too expensive( and yes I tried for the free tickets through Global Citizen too). My friends got to go and I was happy for them. Was I sad that I could not- hell yeah I was. I would be a hypocrite to say that I was not. It took me a couple of days to be content with what the Lord had given me, in this case what He had not.

I had to really think truth in my heart and remember that God is in perfect control and sovereign. Trust me, it took me a couple of days to kinda feel ok about the whole situation.

After a long day at work, I decided to skip gym and be at home. I thought why not experience the band that I love in my own little way.I watched the Glastonbury Coldplay Live 2016 concert on you tube. It was not the same experience as being there with them, but I enjoyed watching,singing and crying to their music in my small little room:)

Last Saturday was not the day for me to see them, but I know I will some day:)


An Eventful Week

This week had way too many crazies in it. Trump is the new US President and our government decides to ban the 500 and 1000 rupee notes from the economy. I don’t know how well this was planned,but it threw everyone in a tizzy 😐

The banks were shut the day after the announcement,so that the proper arrangements could be made for the huge influx of annoyed customers. A long queue outside every bank was a common sight. I barely had a few hundred rupee notes to survive the last few days. Praise God for  debit cards:)

I still had to spend over 4 hours standing in a line to get some cash for the family. I thank God for the strength to stand and  remember that He is completely sovereign over situations like these, even if it means waiting patiently in a line.There are a lot of lessons you can learn standing in a long non moving queue in the heat– one for sure is the application of all the theology we hear every Sunday at church:P I am glad I was meditating on Colossions 😀

The day ended well with some cash in our pockets, some goodies to eat and a surprise gift from my sis 🙂  Goodnight y’all:)


Love the SUPERWOMAN Pillow cover 😀


Alone time

Its Diwali here in India, the festival of lights- which means extra holidays at work. Just came back to work today after a 3 day weekend. It was good to be at home and relax and eat some home made Diwali goodies  graciously given to us by our neighbour and our maid 🙂

Even though I am back at work, the office has a pretty deserted look. I have never seen the parking lot so empty at 9:00 am in the morning;) As of now I am the only one at work from my team and on my floor. I did think of working from home today. But there are very few days like this where you can actually enjoy some solitude time ( that’s the way my sister would word it 🙂

Image result

Even though there were moments where I was absolutely bored and I did not have anyone to share a joke with, or get an opinion on a work thing, it was good for a person like me to be alone and quiet 😉 For those who know me well- I can TALK like  A LOT:P

Anyhoo, the day is almost done and I am waiting to get back home and download a day of extremely important thoughts I have had- to my faithful sister and listener 😀