An Eventful Week

This week had way too many crazies in it. Trump is the new US President and our government decides to ban the 500 and 1000 rupee notes from the economy. I don’t know how well this was planned,but it threw everyone in a tizzy 😐

The banks were shut the day after the announcement,so that the proper arrangements could be made for the huge influx of annoyed customers. A long queue outside every bank was a common sight. I barely had a few hundred rupee notes to survive the last few days. Praise God for  debit cards:)

I still had to spend over 4 hours standing in a line to get some cash for the family. I thank God for the strength to stand and  remember that He is completely sovereign over situations like these, even if it means waiting patiently in a line.There are a lot of lessons you can learn standing in a long non moving queue in the heat– one for sure is the application of all the theology we hear every Sunday at church:P I am glad I was meditating on Colossions 😀

The day ended well with some cash in our pockets, some goodies to eat and a surprise gift from my sis 🙂  Goodnight y’all:)


Love the SUPERWOMAN Pillow cover 😀


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