So much has happened since the last time I wrote on the blog. Somehow I feel life is just going by so fast that I am not really able to grasp and process all of it. Just today I was thinking of the Reformation Conference I attended few months ago. I remember planning it for  an entire year since last May..and here we are already in mid August.

The trip to Germany was quite a memorable one. It was an adventure. Not knowing the local language was probably the biggest challenge. Needless to say Europe is absolutely breathtaking. We entered Germany via Frankfurt. We could have gone directly to Berlin , but wanted to do the Euro trains. I am so glad that we made the right decision:) I saw some of the most beautiful landscapes on my way from Frankfurt to Wittenberg.

Our main reason to go to Germany was to be a part of the 500 Years Reformation Conference. EBTC (A Christian Organisation) had organised a week of sessions on the 5 Solas. Apart from wanting to experience some sound teaching, we also added some  vacation days:) Oh It was one crazy vacation!

We had our ups and down with  the whole racism thing, but we made some great memories too. The town of Wittenberg is such a beautiful place. We just kept walking and walking. We also did an impromptu trip to Berlin. I am quite a planner about things, but I am glad we did this one on the fly.

Anyways I don’t want to go too much into the details, but all in all a couple of months. Before I end below are some pictures from our small little adventure:)


The youth hostel


Main Conference Hall in Wittenberg


Break time-love those white tents😃


Steve Lawson


The Chorale


John MacArthur via VC


Leadership team at EBTC


The garden we frequently walked through:)


Last photo before we left the hostel:/


My sis:)


On route to Berlin😬


The capital😎


Had fun wandering about in Berlin:)


Brandenburg Gate