My Day Off

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It felt so good today to wake up at 8:00 am and not panic that I am late for work:) Had an off today for Diwali ( Major Indian Festival). I had decided to stay at home and just enjoy the day and that’s what I did. Cooked some breakfast, watched a movie and read a book. It felt so good to slow down for a change. I will be going to work tomorrow, but as everyone is on leave it will be nice to have the office room to myself;)



Its been long 5 months of monsoons, crazy work and the flu. I really don’t remember

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the last time  felt completely well. Its Sunday morning and here I am again, at home while the family is at  church. I am really missing the fellowship and the Sunday sermons. I am so grateful that we have bibles studies at our place, so that way I get to meet our church folks. Really learning to be content in this slow ill phase of my life. If not anything, I am able to be more compassionate towards my sister who has always had a weaker frame health wise:|

On the brighter side I am glad I am staying with my family, as home cooked meals are a blessing during flu:) Hoping that as the new week begins, I get to better health and able to get back to my usual routine.